Writing? Let's do it!

June 30, 2018

This is why I've decided to start writing now.


  1. Improve my English: I came to Australia three years ago and it took me a while to understand people and communicate ideas. But one of my reasons for coming here was exactly that, to learn English. Therefore, writing is a really good way of improving.
  2. Kill perfectionism:  In general, trying to deliver perfect products reduces the chance of success. On a small scale, personal projects like starting a blog or a podcast could never happen because of the pursuit of that extra detail, but “good enough” is better than nothing.
  3. Put ideas in order: I used to write down ideas and proposals before sharing them at work because writing gives you some extra time to go deeper into those ideas. In a similar way, I want to spend some extra time on some other topics I'm interested in.
  4. Sharing: Beyond my personal goals, I want to give back to the design community a bit of what I get from them!

Things I’ve done to make this post real


vs editor

I had the opportunity of learning React at Nirovision and I really wanted to go deeper. As a result, redesigning my website using React was the perfect scenario to prove to myself that I could do something from scratch without any help. I gave myself a deadline of 4 weekends and surprisingly React felt very natural from the very beginning.


A few months ago I read a post from a designer hiring an editor to correct typos and basic errors that we non-native speakers tend to have. I recommend his post, it is very inspiring. And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do.

Update: I've lately started to use Grammarly.


I've just started the page, making it as small as possible for now. The idea is to learn from it, not overcomplicating a personal project, and when time permits I will improve it.

So writing is something I want to give a try, and after these few weeks here it is - the first post! See you in the next one.

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