The forecast with soul.

Weather conditions our life

I had long time a weather application on mind, but the trigger was knowing @digitalmeteo team with whom I was a team over two years.

The challenge

Another weather app

Within the saturated world of meteoroconical applications, we wanted to offer something different, more personal.

Watch app

But with daily studies designed by real people

If its ‘Achilles heel’ is that we need more investment to reach other territories, its strong point is that in the towns offer a level of personalization, with daily studies of time and real-time alerts, which until now had never been offered.

The ‘live weather’ was one of the highlights of the application, we alerted of possible weather changes before they occur, besides offering advice depending on the weather situation.

The project was closed on 4th April 2016 after 25 months of service. We've been overwhelmed with messages of support we received from people.

© Javier Alvear

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