Hi, nice to meet you. This is my story

First years

I started working as a designer for different agencies when living in Spain. I had the opportunity to work closely with clients like Paramount Channel, Coca-Cola, Teatro Real or RACE. Technology changed, and the first iPhone arrived. People started to interact with each other using new channels and companies needed to adapt to the changing market conditions.

The next years I focused on my own projects, including a startup offering online personal training and a forecasting service based on personalised meteorological predictions.

Laos, an awesome country to visit by motorcycle

On the road

In 2013 my wife and I decided to embark on a trip from Spain to Vietnam by motorcycle.

It was a great experience where we met unbelievable people, and we also had a lot of time to plan the next steps. A year on a bike is a perfect break, and it was in Thailand where we decided our next move.


Family life

Here we are. I'm currently working at Nirovision in Sydney. My wife is working as a Spanish teacher; she loves it. And our daughter Clara was born in February 2018. Exciting times!

Thanks for passing by,
Javier Alvear

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