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Family life

First years

I started working as a designer for different agencies when living in Spain. I learned to put full energy into every project, irregardless of the size of the client: Paramount Channel, Coca-Cola, Teatro Real, RACE, etc. Technology changed and the first iPhone arrived. There was so much fun and experimentation during those years.

Design captivated me first time because of the visual challenges, but it was when I started to be involved on businesses decisions and product creation when I found my place.

In 2009 I started my own company with a partner. A year later we were 10 people working full time and another 8 people working part time to provide service to end users. The project didn't scale and we eventually moved on. Those tough experiences would help me in the future; I needed a bit of time to release how important that stage was.

After this period I got a better idea of what direction I'd follow. It would be East, literally.

On the road

Laos, an awesome country to visit by motorcycle

In 2013 my wife and I decided to start a new life. In a matter of months, we sold everything and embarked on a trip from Spain to Vietnam by motorcycle.

Long travels are unpredictable. Long story short, it was a great experience where we met unbelievable people, learned some lessons and enjoyed having so much time to plan next steps. A year on a bike is a perfect break, and it was in Thailand where we decided our next move.



Here we are. I'm currently working at Nirovision in Sydney and still using the bike every day, for commuting this time. My wife is working as a Spanish teacher, she loves it. I met the best team to work with and new challenges keep me motivated. And our daughter Clara was born in February 2018. Exciting times!

Thanks for passing by,
Javier Alvear

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