3D design exploration

March 05, 2019

Creative inspiration comes from everywhere, you just need to open your eyes. It can be noticed in transitions that we use everyday or it could be a palette inspired in particular a city. But when we jump into 3D design, that experience is amplified.


Image from Pitch

Most of the 3D tools are created to go in depth into lights, materials, refractions, depth of field, etc. We play with physical rules to generate a digital output. Every time I use them I’m amazed by this connection.

Few weeks ago I created an isometric room just for fun and to experiment a bit more with the light options.

Isometric room

In the process or using the lights, walls and few basic objects affecting each other, I found myself analysing with other eyes some scenes that I see everyday like the corridor to the elevator.


Even touching the surface of it, using 3D soft feels like a very good exercies to bring part of that mindset to other areas of design.

There are new trends implementing characters or low poly scenes. It's also interesting to see how flat design evolves using some 3D assets.


Image from Behance

It's nothig new, but Immersive Design probably contributes to grab the attention of a new audience and that popularity will play an important role in the future.

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