Cammy was one of the first to offer person recognition alarms.

For most customers, it is the first time they have a security camera at their home. The experience and reliability are the two main pillars of the project.


The first step of the user journey is the installation of the cameras. Behind the scenes, programmers put a lot of thought to minimise friction, but customers would need to prepare the camera and connect it to their network before using it.

We designed two different flows to scan the network by doing it manually or using the QR code.

Safe place

The camera player is a viewer for real-time video and recorded footage. The thumbnails make it easy to access to any other camera, and the controls can zoom, pan and tilt indoor cameras.

Custom alarms

The alarms can be manual or auto setup. The auto experience makes it very simple to use as the alarm only works when people are out of the geofence area during the selected time.

Design system

Cammy's design system allowed us to make the language and design consistent across platforms.

Coherent UX helps users to feel familiar with the product.

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