The redesign of the biggest Automobile Club of Spain.

This project was an ambitious digital exercise to redesign the web platform, the mobile application and facilitate the creation of marketing campaigns.

Digital transformation

RACE asked us to redesign their main website and most of their satellite sites and mobile applications. We achieved it in multiple stages.

We interviewed each manager of the different areas of the company, and we eventually presented the new strategy to the client.


The content had become challenging to manage and share. We propose to improve it by:

  1. Using templates: Detect common patterns and unify all content in a new CMS.
  2. Promoting dynamic content: The information should be indexable and shared across teams.
  3. Unifying styles: Reinforce the brand guidelines reusing the same visual identity for the different sites.


I was mainly involved in all the previous work of consultancy and design definition. The project was executed in different stages, having in mind the new needs of content sharing and reusability.

Nirovision symbol
Nirovision symbol

This project required multiple profiles to cover all areas. The biggest challenge was to understand how the company internally works to provide the right tooling.

Adaptive content

The information should be completely detached from design. The team worked on the editorial content, and we could make it reusable in any format.

Nirovision symbol

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